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Lucks Lane Widening

Phase: In-Progress

The project is generally described as all labor, materials, and equipment for construction of approximately 6,640 LF of roadway widening on Lucks Lane from approximately 0.310 miles east of Route 288 to approximately 0.06 miles east of Spirea Road. The widening shall consist of widening the existing two-lane undivided roadway to a four-lane divided roadway with bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. The project includes construction of right and left turn lanes in certain areas. The project includes the extension of an existing 12 x 10 quadruple box culvert at Falling Creek, a 412 LF soil nail wall east of Falling Creek and a 512 LF soldier pile retaining wall west of Walton Bluff Parkway. The project includes construction of a proposed traffic signal at the intersection of Walton Bluff Parkway/Water Willow Drive and Lucks Lane. The work shall include clearing, grading, asphalt paving, drainage structures and piping, box culvert extension, retaining walls, erosion & sediment control, maintenance of traffic, traffic signal, signage, pavement markings, parcel clearing and demolition, relocation of existing water lines and other items necessary for the completion of the work.

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Addendum 1

PDF  Addendum 1
PDF  Draft QA Plan

Addendum 2

PDF  Addendum 2
PDF  Addendum 2 attachments
.lsx  Bid Schedule
PDF  Revised depth of CCPRM

Addendum 3

PDF  Addendum 3

Project 0720-020-R80

PDF  Plan Sheets 1-2
PDF  Plan Sheets 3-7
PDF  Plan Sheets 8-13
PDF  Cross Sections

Project 0720-020-R18

PDF  Plan Sheets 1-2
PDF  Plan Sheets 3-8
PDF  Plan Sheets 10-15
PDF  Cross Sections

Project Specifications

PDF  Project Specifications
PDF  Bid Form

Geotechnical Reports

PDF  Lucks Lane 288 to Evergreen 2-2016
PDF  Lucks Lane Improvements 5-12-17
PDF  Lucks Lane Improvements 9-12-14 Revised 10-31-14
PDF  Lucks Lane Retaining Wall 12-2014
PDF  Lucks Lane Retaining Wall Addendum

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