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Hillsdale Drive

Phase: In-Progress

Hillsdale Drive Extension

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Project Plans

PDF  Roadway Plan Sheets 1-2J
PDF  Roadway Plan Sheets 3-14
PDF  Landscape Plan Sheets 15(1)-15(9)
PDF  Bridge Plan Sheets 21(1)-21(29)
PDF  Retaining Wall Plan Sheets 22(1)-22(5)
PDF  Structural/Architectural/Demo Plan Sheets 23(1)-23(12)
PDF  Lighting & Signal Plan Sheets 24(1)-25(4)
PDF  Signing & Pavement Marking Plan Sheets 26-26(12)
PDF  Utility & SWM Plan Sheets 27-28
PDF  Cross Sections

Project Specifications

PDF  Hillsdale JPA
PDF  Revised Bid Form Addendum #2
PDF  Revised Project Special Provisions Addendum #2
PDF  City Design Standards

Geotechnical Reports

PDF  F&R Report 3
PDF  F&R Report 1
PDF  F&R Report 2
PDF  Boring Data

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