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VDOT C10 Wythe County

Phase: Bidding


Please submit all quotes to estimating@dlb-digs.com

Contact Ricky Gibson

PDF  Bridge Plan Revised Sheet
PDF  Bridge Plans pgs 1-23
PDF  Bridge Plans pgs 24-46
PDF  Bridge Plans pgs 47-69
PDF  C10 Addendum Letter 1-Signed
PDF  C10 Addendum Letter 2-Signed
PDF  C10 Addendum Letter 3-Signed
PDF  C10 Addendum Letter 4-Signed
PDF  C10 Addendum Letter 5-Signed
PDF  C10 Plan sheets Revision 4
PDF  Cross Sections pgs 1-50
PDF  Cross Sections pgs 101-149
PDF  Cross Sections pgs 51-100
PDF  Proposal
PDF  Road Plan Revised Sheets
PDF  Road Plans pgs 1-20
PDF  Road Plans pgs 101-129
PDF  Road Plans pgs 21-40
PDF  Road Plans pgs 41-60
PDF  Road Plans pgs 61-80
PDF  Road Plans pgs 81-100

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