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Blue Ridge Tunnel Phase 2

Phase: In-Progress

The project generally includes Construction of Blue Ridge Crozet Tunnel Rehabilitation and Trail Construction Project. 

Phase 1 of the project was recently completed under separate contract. 

Phase 2 includes the repair, rehabilitation and construction efforts associated with and lying within the Crozet Tunnel. This phase of work includes the implementation of recommendations detailed in the Tunnel Inspection Report prepared by Jacobs Associates dated November 30th, 2010. Portions of Phase 3 of the project are included as add alternates to the Phase 2 work. 

Phase 3 includes the western trail, western trailhead, and surfacing of the eastern trail. This work includes the following project elements: clearing and grubbing, installation of stormwater pipe, temporary silt fencing, inlet and outlet protection, regular and borrow excavation, installation of aggregate and asphalt concrete, fencing, construction signs, mobilization, construction surveying, installation of landscape, and signage. That portion of Phase 3 not accepted as an add alternate nor included with this portion of the project will be constructed at a later time to be determined and under a separate contract. The entirety of Phase 3 is included herein for informational purposes.

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PDF  Addendum 1
PDF  Civil Drawings
PDF  Project Manual
PDF  Tunnel Rehab Drawings

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